About Landon Lueck

Landon Lueck was once featured as a member of the forged within the fifteenth season of the hit MTV reality television series, The Real World: Philadelphia.

He was born on 21st August 1979, and firstly hails from his place of birth of River Falls located in Wisconsin, USA. Landon is a personal name that means “long hill” is a variant of Langdon. He will be becoming more popular in the USA in the 1990s. At the age 0f 24, his life was an accomplished athlete for multiple sports fronts, during his high school days.  Lueck received honors for first place in the state for summer league soccer and state junior year for tennis, and during his senior year, he got a fifth place at a state wrestling.

Later, he would go on to pursue higher learning at Winconsin-Stout University to study business. He earned his Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture at the Winconsin-Madison University. While his transfer was actually prompted by a desire to the part of the wrestling team, he also notion about taking part in tennis for a brief period earlier than subsequently identifying to focal point on wakeboarding. He has also appeared on other reality television show called The Real World Philadelphia on MTV and acted in the film open Mic’rs.

He is a singer and also a reputable mountain biker backed, and he is also of German and Irish descent. Landon was retired from FM2, and right now he is working in dentistry, and he was much most returning never. He also won most of the challenges, and also he did think seriously any matters. So We believe he has a blog that would be Duel 2 and the challenges are not as fun anymore from the conditions. So I something will be bad on FM2.